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Halacha and “Situational Ethics”

Truthfulness in statements that one cannot avoid is a human being’s duty to everyone, however great the disadvantage to him or to another that may result from it… -┬áImmanuel Kant This famous quote from “On a Supposed Right to Lie … Continue reading

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“One Law” and the Fixation on Ritual Commandments

As I have discussed in previous posts, notably my review of D. T. Lancaster’s commentary on Galatians, First Fruits of Zion, a Messianic publishing house, has come under fire for embracing a position they call “Divine Invitation”. FFOZ now teaches … Continue reading

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Aren’t there any Christians at Westboro Baptist?

Westboro Baptist Church, of Topeka, KS, has made a name for itself as one of the most controversial churches in the country. A simple Google search for their website will lead you to godhatesfags.com, which pretty much sums up their … Continue reading

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Mesilas Yesharim and Luke 14 on Humility

The Jewish ethical treatise Mesilas Yesharim (Path of the Just) chapter 22 contains this quote from Vayikra Rabbah (the Midrash on Leviticus): Our Sages of blessed memory said in Vayikra Rabbah (1.5), “Withdraw two or three levels from your place … Continue reading

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What do you do when your food bank attracts poor people?

Close it down, apparently – at least, that’s the answer Unity Truth Centre came up with. Chris Hansen’s recent blog post “You’ll Know They Are Christians By Their Love” details the closure of Unity’s food bank, which closed because it … Continue reading

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Partnering with God – Repairing the World

Every judge who judges with complete fairness even for a single hour, the Writ gives him credit as though he had become a partner to the Holy One, blessed be He, in the creation. b.Shabbat 10a The idea of partnership … Continue reading

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Our Founding Ideals and Why We Abandoned Them

This week I went up to Mars Hill Bible Church to see Toby Janicki present Vine of David’s Delitzsch Hebrew/English Gospels to a group of over 100 people. Mars Hill is quite an amazing place. It doesn’t have a sign. … Continue reading

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Bring Modesty Back – A Plea to Christians and their Leaders

Paul wrote in 1 Cor 5:9-10 that when followers of Christ separate themselves from immoral people, they must not extend this separation to those “of the world”. That is, only believers who practice immorality are shunned; the ungodly and unsaved … Continue reading

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Shine Your Light- Lessons from a Butterfly

Today I took my son Reuben for a walk after a rainstorm. In the middle of the road we discovered a spicebush swallowtail (that’s him over on the left). We almost didn’t see him; he was pretty well camouflaged against … Continue reading

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The Secret to a Successful Marriage

Eleven years ago, a Barna poll revealed that “born-again Christians” have one of the highest divorce rates in the country. This finding has given atheists and agnostics grounds to claim that their ethics are superior to ours, as their divorce … Continue reading

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