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Like Hillel, Not Like Shammai

I like Rabbi Shammai. I know, I know, he’s supposed to be a “bad guy.” Beit Shammai is supposed to epitomize the kind of xenophobic, ritualistic Pharisaism that Jesus condemned; this is part of Harvey Falk’s thesis in his book … Continue reading

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Why I Love Liturgy

I love liturgy. It probably sounds strange to those who know me, as I’m the contemporary praise band leader at Union Church. In fact, aside from very classic hymns, I don’t play very many songs that are more than about … Continue reading

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Getting Past Jewish and Gentile Identity

It seems like every discussion on every Messianic blog, every “innovative” (I use the term somewhat pejoratively) theology in the Messianic movement, every controversy that I come into contact with currently boils down to the idea of Jewish and Gentile identity.

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