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Christian Disputes Which Messianic Judaism Can Solve

A lot of Christians have kind of a “so what” attitude toward the Hebrew Roots movement and Messianic Judaism. This movement is perceived at times as superficial, unnecessary, etc. Many times Messianic Jews are pressured into conforming to standard Christian … Continue reading

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A graduate-level paper on Hebrews and Supersessionism

With apologies to my readers, I offer some of what I have been working on that has been taking so much of my time from blogging. I recently submitted the following paper to my university for a 600-level class on … Continue reading

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Easily Disprovable Hebrew Roots Myths #1: Why James, not Jacob?

One of the more interesting HR myths I have seen crop up again and again is the intimation that modern English bibles transliterate the Greek Iakobos (Jacob) as James because King James, who directed the completion of the 1611 King … Continue reading

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