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Why I Go to Church

As I study what seems like an ever-more-chaotic blogosphere (interblag?) full of people who are arguing, usually very passionately, about everything, I find myself thankful that I am a somewhat regular person that goes to a somewhat regular church. (Being … Continue reading

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Do What You Can

Studying modern scholarship on Second Temple Judaism is kind of a brain drain. From what I can tell, there is a strong consensus around Ed Sanders’s portrayal of Judaism, based on Jewish sources ancient and modern, as a religion based … Continue reading

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How Academic Dialogue Works

I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve had a few other things fall into my lap lately and I’m also reconsidering the value of blogging in the first place. I initially started the blog to irreverently post my initial thoughts … Continue reading

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The Need for Education vs. the Mistrust of Authority

The Hebrew Roots movement, which has some bleed-through to mainstream Messianic Judaism, has one huge Achilles’ heel that, if left unaddressed, will be the death of the entire movement (or, depending on your perspective, already has been). That weak spot … Continue reading

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