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Down to Earth

We just had our third child yesterday. Asher David. We attempted to deliver naturally at a birthing center, but ended up in the hospital. Baby Asher was taken out via c-section. Everyone is healthy and we’re not disappointed that our … Continue reading

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Negative Energy

Sometimes I feel like a downer. In the oldest personality classification I know of, Hippocrates’ four temperaments (developed 2500 years ago and based on preexisting ideas), I am “melancholy.” The ancient Greek physician would have diagnosed me with an imbalance … Continue reading

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Depression and Pessimistic Anthropology

Growing up somewhere in between fundamentalist and Evangelical Chrisitanity, I was taught that depression was a sin. Depression was the end result of self-focus. Someone who claimed to hate himself was really in love with himself. Someone who wanted to … Continue reading

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Every man is not a theologian

One of the first things they teach you at the Baptist seminary I am attending is that every man must be a theologian. This wording is taken from John H. Gerstner, who really believed that every person must be a … Continue reading

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Like Hillel, Not Like Shammai

I like Rabbi Shammai. I know, I know, he’s supposed to be a “bad guy.” Beit Shammai is supposed to epitomize the kind of xenophobic, ritualistic Pharisaism that Jesus condemned; this is part of Harvey Falk’s thesis in his book … Continue reading

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Getting Past Jewish and Gentile Identity

It seems like every discussion on every Messianic blog, every “innovative” (I use the term somewhat pejoratively) theology in the Messianic movement, every controversy that I come into contact with currently boils down to the idea of Jewish and Gentile identity.

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One Who Holds Himself a Knower

The great Mussar classic Orchos Tzaddikim (The Ways of the Righteous) contains the admonition, “One who holds himself a knower is considered a fool by others.” That saying might just sum up why I haven’t been inspired to blog much … Continue reading

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Do What You Can

Studying modern scholarship on Second Temple Judaism is kind of a brain drain. From what I can tell, there is a strong consensus around Ed Sanders’s portrayal of Judaism, based on Jewish sources ancient and modern, as a religion based … Continue reading

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How to Tell Someone They’re Wrong

All right, here it is: tact 101. As you may have noticed if you frequent any other Messianic-oriented blogs, websites, or Facebook profiles, a lot of kvetching has been going on about Christmas. The most disappointing thing about it has … Continue reading

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The Didache and thrice daily prayer

The Didache, a first century document which purports to have its origin in the Apostolic community, is a manual for Gentile converts and as such is often enlightening as to the practices which first century Messianic Jews advocated for Gentiles … Continue reading

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